Choose Smart: 4 Tips To Find A Quality Hair Removal Clinic

Finally set your mind on getting laser hair removal?

Well, the journey has just begun – since we are talking about using strong light energy on multiple parts of the body, this means that there is a possibility of unsightly burns, pigmentation and scars if not performed by a well-trained professional.

How to choose? No sweat – here are some of the best tips for you to find the crème de la crème, best laser hair removal specialists to get you started on your hair-free journey!

Tip #1: The technology used.

It is a common misconception that all laser treatments use the same technology – but that is far from the truth. In fact, there are many different types of laser machines and systems in use today. They all work differently, and each provide its own set of pros and cons.

We use Super Hair Removal (SHR) machines – a state-of-the-art technology that promises a smooth, comfortable experience, and is basically pain-free. This allows us to offer the same, high-quality hair removal service to anyone regardless of skin type, including people with darker skin tones!

Our specialists are all trained to understand the science behind our technology in order to execute the treatment and achieve the desired results. Using our specially manufactured Princess Gel™ – our customers are able to enjoy a top-to-toe pampering session with whitening and moisturizing benefits!

Tip #2: Reviews and testimonials.

This goes without saying, but simply turn to Google and you should be able to find a wealth of reviews and testimonials from both past and current customers. While your results ultimately depend on many other factors – looking out for positive feedback in regard to the overall service, safety, privacy levels and consistency in quality is key!

Tip #3: Large coverage of treatment areas.

A huge benefit of going the laser route for body hair removal is that you will be able to cover several different areas in a single session. So, finding a clinic that offers a large menu of treatment areas is essential in being able to cater to your own unique needs.

We offer 22 treatment areas – with the option of flexible, build-your-own plans that start from as low as $99 per month! In fact, the more areas you treat – the more savings you get! 

Tip #4: Total transparency and zero up-selling.

We understand how annoying it is to be constantly bombarded with hard-sell tactics.

At our clinic, we are able to fully-customize a treatment plan for you that does not involve any up-selling, hidden costs, or pressure tactics! We will always share and recommend the ideal number of treatment sessions you truly need in order to see results, and don’t make any false promises!

Remember: laser hair removal will take you at least 3 – 7 sessions in order to notice significant results, so be wary of any clinic that promises you otherwise!

No longer just a dream

All thanks to laser hair removal, you no longer have to worry about last-minute shaves and covering up in order to hide those unruly strands of hair!

Book your FREE consultation with us today – and you too, will soon swear by this treatment and never go back!

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