Basic Facts On Cellulite And Its Various Treatments

Cellulite usually occurs on buttons, abs, and thighs as a dimpled appearance and it has nothing to do with ethnicity, age, or physical fitness. This way, an anti-cellulite massage Singapore is considered a natural way to remove cellulite. It can spread the fat cell pockets evenly within the skin.

Do Cellulite Massages Work?

Massage is a great way to eliminate cellulite. It seems to be tempting as you simply lie back and a masseuse rubs the cellulite away. However, it provides only temporary benefits. Modern massage techniques do not address its structural component. It just provides temporary and mild results. Along with it, you also have to change your lifestyle and diet to improve its benefits.

What are the other Cellular Removal Treatments?

Here are some of the best ways to effectively and safely remove the cellulite –

Subcision Surgery– This Singapore slimming treatment is less invasive. It usually cuts the fibrous bands under the skin and releases the stress, which leads to cellulite. A skilled dermatologist uses local anesthesia with a uniquely designed needle that can release the bands. It redistributes the subcutaneous fat under the skin properly to form a smooth texture.

Cellulase– It consists of laser technology, which helps detach a fibrous band of tissue, which accumulates the fat, which causes cellulite. According to clinical studies, the treatment helps build elastin and collagen in the area to improve skin appearance. More than 93% of patients were found satisfied with the results after 1 year of treatment in a survey.


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