What You Should Not Do To Avoid Worsening Your Bacne

92% of people with acne suffer it on the face, while a staggering 60% of those people have back and chest acne as well. In fact, bacne treatment is one of the most frequent requests at our clinic!

It’s undeniable that bacne can be a real confidence killer, especially when its tank top and dress season in Singapore all year long. The worst part is – you might be unknowingly making your bacne worse.

But before we can learn how to win the bacne battle once and for all – here is what you need to know about bacne:

The basics of Bacne

Acne presents itself on the back just like it does on the face – manifesting in the form of redness, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and lesions.

It is important to remember that acne occurs whenever there is excess sweat, hair follicles and overactive oil glands – combined with acne-causing bacteria, dead skin cells, clogged pores and dirt which eventually leads to nasty breakouts.

In addition, your back actually has a higher density of glands that produces more oil and sweat than other areas of the body. And since the skin on your back is thicker, it is also more likely to become clogged and breakout – which is why back acne can be harder to control and clear.

There can be many causes as to why you are witnessing breakouts on your back, and this includes:

  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Genetics
  • Damaged pores
  • Lifestyle factors (stress, diet, disturbed sleeping patterns etc.)

Bacne also tends to present as deeper nodules and cysts, which are more difficult to treat as compared to those found on the face.

Thankfully, bacne is a very treatable and preventable condition – here are 4 mistakes to avoid to complement your acne scar removal treatment, some of which might actually surprise you!

Mistake #1: Over-exfoliating.

Exfoliating on a regular basis can help to get rid of the dead skin cells on your back, but overdoing it causes it to get inflamed – one of the major factors that leads to bacne.

Over-exfoliating also leads to a breakdown in your skin’s natural protective barrier, which can trick your skin into producing more sebum – further accelerating your symptoms.

In short, take a gentler approach whenever treating acne on the back – taking care to avoid using harsh products on your back; and instead, consider using a moisturizer with exfoliating properties instead.

Mistake #2: Not taking a probiotic.

There has been overwhelming research showing the link between skin microbiome and the cause of acne.

In fact, scientists are able to predict whether a person will have acne solely based on their bacterial makeup with an 85% accuracy rate!

Recent findings suggest that in order to tackle acne – there is a need to balance the bacteria in the skin instead of completing removing it. The study revealed that not all bacteria triggers pimples – and one strain may actually help keep the skin healthy. Conducted with 101 volunteers, researchers found that a specific strain of P.acnes bacteria is common in those with healthy skin, yet rarely found when acne is present.

What this translates for you is to change your view on bacteria – and focus on building and balancing the good bacteria in the skin. A great way to do so is by regularly taking probiotic supplements.

Mistake #3: Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner.

The products that you use on your body are one of the biggest determinants of bacne – and one that you can change easily.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the substances found in our hair and body products can act like the body’s natural oils to block pores and trigger a breakout.

Your shampoo and conditioner is particularly notorious, since they are often designed to be occlusive and heavy. Unless you pay extra care to rinse it off thoroughly every time you shower, you guessed it – clogged pores.

Do a quick check to see if your products are causing your bacne and make sure they are noncomedogenic, especially if you know you are more prone to acne.

Choose products that don’t contain ingredients such as dimethicone and silicones, and switch your creams out for lotions or gel-based products that aren’t clog-worthy but still offer enough moisture to your skin.

Mistake #4: Not visiting a qualified doctor at the right time.

Bacne can be a real challenge to treat – and unless you treat the root cause of the problem – it will keep coming back.

This can mean consulting the help of a doctor when you aren’t seeing much progress with over-the-counter treatments. When left untreated, bacne can lead to more serious issues such as permanent scarring – another problem that is significantly harder to treat.

If you are currently facing painful back lesions, or feel your daily life being adversely affected by bacne – seek out help from our experienced doctors to come up with a customized treatment plan just for you! With years of combined experience as one of the best acne dermatologist in Singapore – we have developed a unique protocol for treating cases that includes persistent bacne!

We offer a range of minimally-invasive solutions such as chemical peels, oral and topical treatment, as well as laser therapy to address both bacne and overall skin rejuvenation for flawlessly smooth skin to have you looking your best!

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