What Kind Of Side Table Will Look Good In Your Home

Living in a spacious apartment is a luxury in today’s times. Most people around the world cannot afford to spare space for a dedicated bedside table, let alone two. As a solution,  simple side tables are an excellent alternative. You will find a lot of different varieties of side tables at very reasonable prices. They can also be used as multifunctional pieces that can work all around the home.

If you cannot live without your bedside essentials right by your side, then a small cabinet with two drawers might still be the next best option. You will see a lot of different types of side table sets, like cylindrical units and round tops. Each one of them is made with different storage purposes. Below, we will see some of the different types of side tables.

  1. Work Table

Work tables are highly utilitarian tables and are built keeping certain aspects in mind like gardening, art, woodworking, etc. These types of tables also come in different finishes and sizes, depending on whether you want to use them while sitting or standing, inside or outside of your home/office.

  1. Computer table

As the name suggests, this type of side table is used for keeping your laptop or computer. Most computer tables have holes in the back and side for the cords. Some also include a keyboard drawer. High-end computer tables also have shelves that can be used to store books or computer components like a printer.

  1. Rectangle or square tables

Rectangle or squares are undeniably some of the most common types of side tables you will see anywhere in the world. These types of tables are perfect for narrow and long spaces and better than round tables when it comes to occupying space. These types of side tables fit the bill easily if you are looking to fit a table into an unused space.

  1. Console table

Most often used interchangeably with end tables, console tables are narrow, thin and long. They can fit easily into a side of the wall, behind your sofa, or in an entryway. If you want a space to place your television set or simply toss your car keys, this console table can prove to be quite useful.

  1. Drum table

Created in the 1700s, the drum table is a circular and heavy piece of furniture. This table can be used as a bookshelf or a table. Alternatively, the drum table is also tall and robust enough to be used as a chair. This table can handle rough handling and is useful if you move around a lot.

  1. Bedside table

In most households, you will see that almost every bedroom has at least one table, usually one. These bedside tables are perhaps very necessary types because they are helpful when it comes to placing items within your arms reach when you need them such as mobile charger, water bottles, glasses, etc. Some bedside tables also come with drawers.

The above are some of the best types of side tables. These home furniture Singapore sets can prove to be very useful if you are lacking the space for a large table or simply want a minimalistic vibe of your house.

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