Tips For You To Get Smooth Skin At Home During The Pandemic

With the implementation of the circuit breaker measures, many rejoice at the prospect of not having to spend extra time and effort to keep up with their appearance.

There is something liberating about not worrying over how you need to appear presentable to the entire world.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that you should do away with grooming either! After all, you’d still want to look your best as soon as you step out of the house once the circuit breaker measures let up.

Whilst the circuit breaker measures present limited options, fortunately, there is still a way! For those who pay special attention to unwanted body hair and desire smooth and supple skin, we have just the thing for you!

The Home Edition

Introducing our very own portable hair removal device, the Home Edition!

You won’t have to head down to any physical store for a permanent hair removal procedure when you can do it in the comforts of your home! This light and portable device can give you the same results akin to the services you’d attain from a full body hair removal salon.

Its specs and performance

What sets this portable hair removal device from its counterparts are its amazing specs!

Apart from the two hair removal modes – single shot mode and continuous mode – there are 5 power levels to choose from and you can toggle between these levels to see which fits you the best.

Even without our Princess Gel™, you don’t even need to worry about pain or any additional care thereafter! The device has an in-built cooling mechanism that will cool the skin immediately, thus reducing discomfort to the very minimum!

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any uneven areas. This device is programmed to have a high sensitivity touch sensor function, which allows you to work on uneven surfaces with a breeze!

 This device is also safe to use on the whole body, even on the face and bikini areas. You can now have your own bikini laser hair removal procedure at home!


There are two buttons you’ll need to take note of: the power button at the side and shot button at the frontal display of the device.

Apart from switching the device on and off, the power button also allows you to change power levels and activate the single shot mode with a press and hold.

The shot button gives you two hair removal modes: you can opt for the single shot mode with a press of the button or the continuous mode by pressing and holding the button.

How can I purchase it? 

We offer a hair removal device rental by which you can rent and give the device a try for 10 months.

If you’ve decided that you like the device anytime before those 10 months are up, you may purchase it by paying the remaining months upfront. In the case where you’ve rented it for all 10 months, the device is all yours!

Should you decide that the device is not for you, you can stop the rental anytime after the minimum 4 months rental.

Originally priced at S$138/month, you can enjoy the circuit breaker promotion and get a S$50 discount every month!

Compared to a full body hair removal package that can easily cost you S$4000-S$8000 for 18 sessions, you can now enjoy 300 sessions for just ¼ of that price! It’s too amazing of a deal to miss out on!


We’ve always strived to aid you in ridding your unwanted body hair with our laser treatments for hair removal, but unfortunately, due to the global pandemic and the circuit breaker measures that were implemented, we aren’t able to do so.

Thus, we hope that with the Home Edition, you can still enjoy smooth and hairless skin even while we stay safe at home!

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