The Undeniable Benefits Of Learning Chinese With A Partner

Besides enrolling in a reliable online mandarin class, finding yourself a language partner is one of the best ways to get better at conversing in Chinese. While Chinese lessons online can help you learn more vocabulary, you won’t be getting better at Chinese conversations unless you have a language partner, preferably, someone who is a native Chinese speaker.

Having a language partner can help you practice Chinese more in an informal setting, and the best part is that, if they’re trying to learn your native language as well, it makes for a win-win situation. Here are 4 benefits of learning Chinese with a language partner!

Individualised Personal Feedback

By getting a Chinese language partner, you’ll have the focus of a native Chinese speaker completely on you. This is impossible to get when you’re in a group class, and even if you did receive private tuition, it’d only be for an hour or two, at most. However, with a language partner, the two of you can practice exercises for as long as the two of you would like. The best part about this is that your language partner can provide you with individual feedback and correct you mid-conversation.


Most native Chinese speakers don’t mind helping out someone who’s interested in learning Chinese. In fact, a lot of them will be happy to help you for a fraction of the price of individualised tuition. Not to mention, because you’re talking to a native speaker, you’ll have better cultural knowledge and build confidence when you converse with each other.


While finding a language partner starts off as a win-win situation between both of you, because of the more informal setting, it can lead to friendships. Because of this, you’re more likely to have someone who can not only help you learn the language but maybe eventually give you a tour, once you pay China a visit.

Nuances And Subtleties

You don’t always have to become friends with your language partner, but, having someone who can clarify any nuances and subtleties that you’ve noticed about the Chinese language is a huge asset. It doesn’t even have to be about the Chinese language. It can be for non-language-related reasons, for example, if you need to have something clarified, like what’s culturally accepted or not in China, and more. A language partner can help explain things better to you since they have personal experience.


There are plenty of reasons to go and find a language partner! Having a language partner makes for an excellent learning opportunity. It’s a great supplement to your Chinese classes when preparing for the HSK test in Singapore. You can even work with multiple language partners!

The most important thing is that you have someone who can help you learn Chinese. At the same time, you’re also able to give back by helping them learn your native language. Who knows? By having a language partner, you might find yourself a lifelong friend who will keep in touch with you many years later, and even give you a tour of their province or city in China once you go and visit.

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