The Starter Pack: 6 Essential Digital Piano Accessories

Every musical instrument is unique in its own way – from a rock guitar’s twangy and banging sounds to the upbeat tempo of a drum – there are many different and wondrous sounds coming out from an instrument.

But out of the many musical instruments – nothing can compare to a digital piano when it comes to versatility; it’s practically an all-rounder for any music type – jazz, acoustic or classical.

However, learning the piano isn’t just about mastering the sounds – you need the necessary equipment along your side too! These accessories don’t only protect the piano from damage, but they help to enhance the overall tone.

Whether you’re about to shop for your accessories or check with your music school – these are the basic piano accessories you’ll need before attending your keyboard piano lessons!


Comfort is key no matter you’re at; workplace, school or outside – and the same applies to when you’re playing the piano!

And what plays a major role in comfortability regardless of your location is seating. You can only display your full potential while playing the piano when you’re feeling at ease – zero backaches or fidgeting around.

Usually, the most important features to look out for is the seat’s type of material and adjustable capacities. Once you’ve adjusted yourself to a proper sitting position – playing the keyboard will be a breeze!

Piano stand

Placing the piano on your lap while learning the notes? A big fat no.

If you want to learn this instrument quickly; you need to make yourself comfortable. That means you have to find a piano that fits perfectly for your height. Now, that only applies to a fixed piano stand.

The best-case scenario is that you go for an adjustable and foldable piano stand – whether it’s for your little one or your gigs; it’s going to be more suited for various occasions. Usually, you will just need to secure its position using a clutch on the stand, or you will need a bunch of screws.

Wireless adapter & Power supply adapter

With recent technology advancements – you can easily access your previous sound files and manage settings by using a wireless LAN adapter.

It is able to easily access networks with your digital piano easily – just connect it to the piano, and it’ll automatically start searching for a compatible network to configure together with your piano.

In that way, you can also incorporate music software to your piano – they can be used for composing songs or deciphering to improve your skills.

Meanwhile, a power supply adapter is just used to connect your piano to a power source – so it gets the electrical source, and you can start playing some sick beats.

Cable kit

Connection cables for your speakers, amps, metronome, and other sound gadgets; you’re bound to use all of these when playing your digital piano.

Getting them individually and tangling them all together can end up in a huge mess; hindering you from playing properly when class begins or as your gig is starting. That’s when a cable kit comes in to save the day – there’s everything you need in one place.


When you are about to shop for a suitable cable kit, you should know all the different cables you’re going to need. It’ll make it easier as you’ll only have to check the labels on the kit for all the essential connection cables. Last but not least, keep a lookout for spare connection wires and universal cables – they’ll be useful when there are downtimes or public performances.


Remember when we mentioned that your cable kit should comprise a metronome? It’s especially monitoring and tracking your beats.

It can be used for composing songs or practising with current tracks. There’s the option of manual and automatic metronomes – so you just need to take your preference into consideration. However, if you’re not sure – your teacher will help make the selection by observing you closely when playing the piano.

Keyboard bag

So, you purchased the keyboards, batteries, adapters, and other necessary tools. How are you going to carry all these instruments? For any pianist; be it amateur or profession – a keyboard bag is a must!

These bags feature small pockets where you can put the small keyboard tools.

Piano bags have a shoulder strap, allowing users to carry this musical device conveniently. As simple as it seems, you’ll need a bag to keep your piano and other accessories safe and sound.

In summary, all these are your necessities as you’re about to start on your basic piano lessons. They’ll usually be available within your music school as well – but it’s always best to own your own accessories so you can practice whenever you want to! Keep an eye on these piano accessories, and you’re in for a smooth-sailing journey.

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