The Effectiveness Of Using Technology To Boost Your English

Technology has been incorporated into many aspects of our daily lives – from entertainment and communication to even educational purposes.

In fact, software and apps can speed up the English learning process quite drastically. The more students listen, read, speak, and write outside of class time, the more efficient they will be in picking up the language.

With that being said, here are a few tech-savvy ways to improve your English outside of class.


Many mobile games found on the App Store or Google Play are developed in English. These games usually have a set of catchphrases and words that are constantly repeated. Words and phrases like ‘Let’s go!’, ‘Watch out!’ and ‘Wait a minute!’ are common. Reading the words written in the game will also boost your reading skills and improve your grammar.

You’ll soon pick up these words, of which some might even be newly introduced into your vocabulary. Take note of the new words you learn and even share them with other students from your English course.


In our modern world, there is an app for almost anything. You can improve your English reading and grammar skills by downloading an app that uses flashcards and word games. And at the same time, you’ll also discover how some apps even provide a platform where you can speak to other learners from across the globe and practise your pronunciation, so you don’t have to learn alone.


There are loads of educational videos available for free such as on video-streaming sites like YouTube. Whether you’re a beginner or advancing in the language, there are videos suited to every stage of your learning progress.

Discover an array of presenters who give away tips and tricks on improving your skills. These content creators are providing great alternative English language resources to boost your learning outside of your English course.


Podcasts are short audio snippets that can be listened to while doing other activities. With an array of topics ranging from readings of popular fictional novels to discussions about current affairs, you can expand your vocabulary while listening to a podcast that suits your interests.

Podcasts are readily available on streaming platforms such as Spotify. They can be listened to, no matter how busy your schedule is.


One of the best ways to improve in any language is by listening to songs. The rhythm and melody of songs will help you to pick up words quickly while making it more enjoyable. Don’t be ashamed to listen to young learner songs if you are still in the beginning stages of your English course. Singing along to nursery rhymes will improve your English just as much as singing along to a love song.

However, learning on your own can be a slightly tougher process for some. So, if you’re ever in need of an English tutor to help you out – remember, there’s always the IELTS course you can sign up for. After completing it, you’ll even secure a certificate to showcase your ability in your English speaking and writing skills!

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