The Different Ways You Can Buy An Original Swiss Watch

For many years, I had this misconception that I can never find an original Swiss watch in Singapore, and I only dreamt of having one once I go abroad.

Well, that is not true. There are genuine Swiss watch sellers in Singapore whom you can easily access to. In this article, I will be mentioning the modes from which you can buy Swiss watch in singapore, so you easily fulfill your dream via a medium most suitable for you.

Buy it From Local Retailers Online

There are local retailers in Singapore who have been importing Swiss watches and selling authentic pieces in Singapore. You need to search for those retailers on the internet, check their reviews, and easily place a Swiss watch order, and the retailer will deliver the ladies jewellery watches to your doorstep.

Order from the Original Swiss Watch Companies Store

One way to order a Swiss watch in Singapore is to place the order directly on the company’s website store. This order might take a little more time as the store will ship the watch for you and cost extra dollars, but you can only expect the authentic watch by following this way which I believe is most important.

Buy From Physical Stores in Singapore

There are physical stores in Singapore as well that local retailers operate. These retailers import the watches from Switzerland and sell them in Singapore. The most significant advantage of physical stores is you can closely look into the watch and check the authenticity and variety of designs like  gold diamond watch.

One pro tip would be to ask in your social circle about authentic physical stores as filtering fraud retailers is not easy.


By the end of this article, I hope you now know the mediums from where you can buy authentic Swiss watches. Remember, you are spending a lot of money on Swiss watches and thus never fall into any trap.

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