The Craft Of Event Photography And Becoming Great

In Singapore, photography is a sound profession. Involving a lot of skill, practice and talent, photography is usually a lifelong passion for those willing to invest the time and money in pursuit of this visual craft. When Singaporeans think of photographers, they often think of the person holding a camera in a studio with a model posing in front of him. While this vision can be true of some photographers who operate in a studio setting, the work of event photographers – those who go out to events to capture the authentic experiences of people – is much less glamorous and much more rigorous. Event photography in Singapore requires not only the strength and stamina to carry the photography equipment around but also the skills and techniques needed to operate that equipment in an ever-changing environment. In this article, we will share some of these important skills that an event photographer needs to bring their clients the best photos possible.

Meticulous planning

It may be surprising to some, but a lot of work goes on behind-the-scenes before a photographer heads down to an event to shoot. Besides meeting with the client to understand their expectations and requirements, the photographer must also plan out their schedule based on the event’s schedule and layout. This is especially important when event photography is required for an event that takes place in a very large area like an expo hall or when there are very key moments that need to be captured in the best possible ways, such as a wedding. Besides planning how they would move around the event venue, the photographer also must consider which types of shots to take and therefore which lenses to use. The work begins way before the event takes place. The quality of being very attentive to detail makes one a good event photographer.

An eye for the best photo opportunities

Working at events means throwing themselves into a dynamic environment. Anything can happen at any time. While planning is essential in ensuring that photos come out perfect, being able to adapt to circumstances and situations is even more important. Events can often be unpredictable environments – for instance, a guest may do something interesting while at the event or a guest-of-honour may want to deviate from the plan. Being on the constant lookout for interesting things to photograph while at the event is a large part of the job so the photographer should be ready to capture any interesting photos at any time while at the event.

Amazing customer service skills

It is common for guests to approach photographers with cameras to ask them to take a picture. After all, they are the ones who are trusted to be the expert at handling all types of cameras. As such, it is very important that the event photographer assists these guests professionally. Having event photography in Singapore that is guest-oriented will be extremely beneficial to the success of the event.


Undoubtedly, good event photography in Singapore requires a lot of experience and skill. To enquire more about how event photography can be the perfect fit for you.

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