Surprise Your Partner With These Yacht Dinner Date Ideas

Amongst the many ways you can celebrate an anniversary or your partner’s birthday, a new unique idea you should try out would be a date aboard a yacht! You’ll be able to show them how much you really care and treat them to something that makes them feel appreciated.

To help you turn the dinner date into a very special night without glitches, here are a few things you can try to make it perfect when you decide to go for luxury yacht charters.

Setting the mood

What makes the difference between a normal dinner date and a romantic dinner date? The ambience and setting, of course!

You’ll already have gorgeous sunset views on the waters, but the dinner table should be just as romantic.

Add candles, rose petals and a classy table cloth to a small square table on the top deck. The table shouldn’t be too big – it should be easy for both of you to reach out to each other. Make sure there are blankets available for when it gets chilly.

Add music or entertainment

Before you decide to bring your own devices, check with your private yacht rental company if they have a sound system available on deck; otherwise, you should try to bring a speaker and add music to set up the ambience.

Even if you don’t have a speaker, your mobile phone will do as well!

All you have to do next is create a playlist of your favorite songs and let it play in the background. This will allow the two of you to engage in a romantic slow dance on your song together.

Alternatively, you can arrange for live entertainment – someone serenading you while you enjoy a lovely meal!

Have a dress code

Telling your partner that you’ll be going on a yacht, might have them dressing up in boat clothes. To keep it formal and romantic, inform them that they have to dress up.

Getting all dolled up sets the mood for an amazing date night.

Consider fine dining

Check with your yacht company if they have an onboard chef, and if they’re able to set up a fine dining experience for you and your partner. Otherwise, you may also take the initiative to prepare a meal beforehand, pack it, and surprise your partner with a delicious dish.

After all, nothing beats sincerity and effort!

Instead of getting your normal order that you would at a restaurant, be adventurous and try a different kind of cuisine too. Last but not least, don’t forget dessert!

After dinner bed

After you’ve enjoyed a meal, why not set up a cosy space where you can be a bit more relaxed?

Big pillows, comfy blankets, fairy lights, and soft cushioning will be a great idea to enjoy the landscape scenes while gazing into each other’s eyes.


Whether it’s before or after a light dinner, arrange a couple’s massage on the deck of the boat. The calming water will make you feel even more relaxed and connected to each other.

As long as you put thought into the romantic dinner date, it will no doubt be a success. Bonus for being on a private yacht, is that you can arrange accommodation for the night and even enjoy a sleepover and a gorgeous sunrise breakfast.

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