Servicing Fire Extinguishers: Essential Things To Check For

Once the fire prevention, response equipment, and fire extinguishers are acquired and properly installed, it is really important to ensure that the equipment stays in functioning order. Response equipment and fire prevention can stop working if not maintained or tested properly.

For this, you should go for a facility that features the Emergency Planning Committee for dealing with the inspection, maintenance, and testing requirements of fire extinguishers and other equipment. The maintenance of a fire suppression system with clean gas is significant due to the routine monitoring they require. Without effective fire extinguisher maintenance Singapore, the equipment can break down in times of need.

Tips for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind for fire extinguisher maintenance:

  • Never take off the tag attached to the fire suppression system by CO2. This tag instructs the frequency of the maintenance cycle as well as recharging stipulations.
  • Always record all the fire extinguisher repairs, inspections, and maintenance. It should include the manufacture date, extinguisher type, and other important information.
  • If a service installs more than ten extinguishers, there needs to be a site map or plan. This document will denote every extinguisher’s location and specifications.
  • Also, fire extinguishers that are rendered to harsh or aggressive environments will require frequent maintenance.

So, these are some of the points that you need to consider while going for a fire extinguisher service. No matter how new your fire extinguisher look, you should always opt for the maintenance service on a monthly or yearly basis.

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