Selecting The Optimal Self-Storage Solution For Your Needs

A clean and organised environment can make a huge difference in your quality of life. One way of fostering simplicity is through de-cluttering your environment. A convenient and affordable way to get more organised is through self storage. But, how do you pick the best self storage solution?

Consider the Amount of Space You Need and the Best-fit Storage Solution

Size is the most critical aspect to bear in mind when you are looking for a self storage solution. If you settle on a big unit, it’ll cost you more money in unused space. On the other hand, deciding on a smaller unit will force you to keep some of the clutter around at home, thus subverting the purpose of the entire exercise. Decide on the things you wish to keep in your self storage before searching for a self storage space in Singapore. Storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 50 sqft to 300 sqft. To pick the right storage size, you have to determine the belongings you wish to store first to get the ideal storage unit for yourself.

Also, consider a self storage solution that will best address your needs. Do you want an individual unit in a building?

As you ponder the most beneficial self storage solution for you, please ensure that you think through the nature of items you would like to store. Are they bulky items or boxes of small items? Without having to leave your house, you can arrange for someone to pick up your belongings and have them transported and stored in a secured storage space elsewhere. The best part about this service is that you can simply ring us up and have your goods delivered to your doorstep when you want them back.

Location and Accessibility

After you have a good idea on the size and type of solution you are looking for, the next step to think through is the location and accessibility. So, how do you decide on the location of a self storage facility?

The frequency of access will guide you. If you would like to put the items away for an extended period, location will not be such an important factor. However, you should take up self storage solutions that are closer to your home if you’ll need frequent access to your belongings. With storage facilities in five locations around Singapore that can be accessed 24/7.

Security and Insurance

The items you would like to put away may be clutter but they still have value. A vital aspect of self storage solutions is the security that the facility provides.

Check out their security arrangements. Have they installed CCTV? Do they have controlled entry and exit? And, do they conduct regular checks to ensure that there is no breach? Security is a priority and your goods are kept in a secured facility with 24-hr CCTV surveillance.

Also, think about the worst-case scenario. What happens if there is theft, fire, water damage, or a pest infestation? A good self storage facility provider will have precautions in place to cater for such issues or losses. For example, has an insurance policy that will offer reimbursement for any loss or damage of your goods that are not caused by you.

How Much Will You Pay?

Various service providers will charge different prices for the self storage facilities they offer. The basic elements that underwrite the cost of a storage unit include the size, location and security features.

Do not make your decision purely based on the price of the storage unit. It is crucial to understand what you will be getting for the price you are paying. Advantages like better security, appropriate insurance coverage and accessibility are definitely worth paying for.

Before you settle on a self storage facility, visit websites and personally assess their suitability. We are open to questions and will do our best to clarify your doubts.


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