Quality Worth The Price: 7 Things To Purchase In Singapore

Buying the expensive stuff sometimes saves you from a lot of problems in the future. Singapore has a lot to offer, from some of the most popular brands in bustling malls around the city to food streets that offer amazing food, taking you back to your childhood days, here are 7 things you should include in your list of things to buy in Singapore that are worth your money:

1. Proper Healthy Food

You can get healthy food anywhere, but why Singapore? Well… When you visit a new place, find things you do at your home, and what is different to it that they offer. Even though it may be expensive in Singapore since the island nation sources fresh food daily from its local farmers and from around the world, you will enjoy the breakfast or lunch with the local’s favorite coconut jam, a healthy choice!

2. Travel Accommodations

The first option when travelling to a new country is always Airbnb, and they do offer really cheap accommodation but have you ever considered why it is so cheap? Most people complain that the cheap accommodations often barely have room to walk… You will also find them far from city centers and other key destinations, which means more earning for cab drivers… Take the hint, splash a little!

3. Dress Shoes

Key to looking sharp is dressing as formal as possible, and an important part of the wardrobe is dress shoes. You can always buy the intermediate pairs spending as low as $50, but if you buy a pair worth $200, they will survive longer, which means more value added to your personality for a long time.

4. Tattoos

Never ever even think of buying a discounted tattoo. Chances are you may be laying down at an unlicensed tattoo parlor, which can lead to an array of health conditions, especially Hepatitis C. Stay safe and opt for quality!

5. Sushi

Don’t risk your health and wellbeing by opting for cheap Sushi for lunch or dinner. Parasites and Salmonella are very painful experiences that people go through just because of bad Sushi. Since the fish is raw, you need to take extra care where you dine. The right dining credit card may be the best option for a discount.

6. Musical Instruments

If you are into music, it is better to go for expensive rather than mid-range products since they will not last longer, and then your satisfaction will bring back bad memories of Singapore. For example, opt for a $5000 guitar instead of an $800 one. There is a huge difference in price, but the $5000 will be more durable.

7. Outdoor Gear

Yet another product that needs to be of quality material to withstand strong winds, wear and tear. Buying replacements can be frustrating so make the most of your list of things to buy in Singapore.

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