Picking The Right Gold Bracelet From The Size Of Your Wrist

How to Choose the Gold Bracelet according to Wrist Size?

When it comes to choosing the best Singapore anniversary jewellery, wrap your index finger and thumb off the opposite wrist. Touch forefinger and thumb together with additional space, it means you are small-boned. You are medium boned if they touch. You are large boned if they do not even meet. Also, measure the bones on the other side of the wrist. Are your fingers sausage-like and short, slender and long, or somewhere around them? These questions can help you choose the right gold bracelets for men Singapore.

You need to consider these guided principles before choosing a bracelet –

∙         To ensure that your wrist matches well to the rest of your body, you need to pick the Singapore anniversary jewellery, which meets your wrist size. For example, chunky and wide bracelets are suitable for perfectly padded wrists and delicate and small bracelets are suitable for narrow wrists.

∙         To ensure that your wrists look larger or smaller, pick the size of bracelet, which is just opposite the size of your wrist. For example, you can choose small bracelets to cover up large wrists or large ones for small wrists.

∙         To add closer look to the right size or balanced look to your wrists, pick the bracelet which doesn’t highlight with contrast and emphasize with similarity.

Do’s and Don’ts for women with large wrists


∙         You can go with flat woven bracelets of different types.

∙         Medium-width bangles in cord, stone, metal, or leather can work well and keep in mind that three or more bracelets can be distracting.


∙         Don’t wear anything chunky, bold, wide or cuff-style as it can make large wrists look bigger.

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