Minimising Acne Break-Outs Occurring On The Face

Do you have acne and are you wondering what to do about it?

The rule of the thumbs posits that sufferers can make use of skin-care products to reduce the spread of the infection. If you’re not too keen about using chemicals for extraction facial treatments, you may want to explore natural remedies for acne.

This article highlights the natural course of action you can take to treat Acne Vulgaris, or more commonly known as, acne.

1. Make use of Ice

Have you had large, red pimples that sometimes trigger headaches and panic when you think people are looking at you?

Acne can be embarrassing, and thankfully, ice cubes are a natural way to treat this dermatologic condition.

First, scoop some ice cubes from your freezer and then apply it directly to your pimples. Leave the ice on for some seconds and then repeat the same step.

Ice cubes release a cold and soothing feeling into the red pimple, causing it to decrease in size. This is just a step to reduce the redness of the offending acne because it will create a breakout after some time.

2. Opt for unscented laundry products

Have you taken time to think of the potential causes of acne?

Most times, the factors that trigger acne goes beyond cosmetic products and hormonal imbalance or disorders. Your laundry could be one of the reasons for causing a pimple breakout.

For effective treatment, you may want to use unscented laundry products for towels and pillows. Make sure these are not washed with scented detergents because doing so might aggravate your skin condition.

Additionally, consider changing your bed sheet and pillowcases regularly as it accumulates dirt and germs.

3. Don’t pop the pimple

The rule of thumb, which every acne sufferer must adhere to is to avoid popping your pimples.

Doing so increases the chances of acne spreading causing other parts of your face to breakout too. Moreover, you wouldn’t like it when it worsens to scarring because you popped it.

Therefore, learn to keep your hands far away from the pimples and don’t pop them!

4. Consume vitamin-rich foods

Vitamins are of the essence when treating acne.

Regular intake of Vitamin A-rich foods such as carrot and spinach can facilitate the treatment and healing of the acne breakouts.

5. Don’t be obsessed with it

Many people who suffer from this dermatologic condition often spend time staring at the pimple in a mirror. You need to stop this if you’re already into it.

Regularly staring at the pimple tends to make you compelled to want to pop it, and this can have negative consequences like acne scarring.

6. Essential oils to the rescue

Oils derived from lavender and tea tree can help fight acne.

To successfully get rid of your pimples, consider applying these essential oils directly onto the pimple every day. This strict routine will pay off in the end because it won’t leave scars while aiding in the treatment of your acne breakout.

7. Calm your nerves

Some researchers claim that pimple breakouts occur because the affected individuals don’t have some time for leisure activities and relaxation. In short, they are stressed.

It’s imperative to get enough sleep and have a good exercise routine to fight the rigours of daily work life.

By calming your nerves, you help the body relax which relieves your body of stress. Being less stressed decreasing chances of pimple breakouts.

Treat Acne Naturally

You can consider natural remedies if the condition is still mild. Facial treatments and medications should be helpful in maintaining clearer skin. You can always get started with a facial promotion for first-timers to learn more about the treatments and its suitability for your skin.

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