Make Life With Braces On Much Easier With These 4 Tips

Whether you are getting ceramic braces or Invisalign braces, there is no denying that this specialised dental treatment remains the most effective and efficient way of attaining your ideal smile.

However, getting braces does require some adjustments to your current lifestyle. The change does take some time to get used to, but this does not mean living with braces is challenging. Let us share four life hacks that you can follow to make your life with braces more manageable.

1. Store all your supplies in an orthodontic care kit

It is recommended to keep all your dental care tools and supplies in one essential kit and bring it around with you at all times. Proper preparation is critical to ensure you stick to your cleaning routine and never miss a step, no matter where you may be.

Your orthodontic care kit should include the oral hygiene basics, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss. It is also advisable to pack specialised dental supplies that cater to your braces, like interdental brushes, flossing picks, dental wax, and elastics. These items can easily fit into a handy pouch that you can carry anywhere you go.

2. Maintain proper oral hygiene 

One of the common issues that you will encounter after getting your braces is having food stuck onto your teeth after eating. Trapped food can cause tooth decay or cavities if they are not removed quickly enough. As such, it is vital for you to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

It can be helpful to carry an orthodontic care kit with you at all times, as the presence of braces can make it challenging to remove the trapped pieces of food without the right tools.

3. Stock up and get used to your new braces-friendly food

Your dentist would have advised you on the list of foods to avoid after getting your braces. While the long list may seem daunting, you should remember that this is only temporary. It is best to avoid crunchy or sticky foods during this period as it can damage your new braces.

Stock up on braces-friendly food, such as tofu and mashed potatoes, so you can get used to your new diet early on. This will make it much easier for you to adjust quickly and you’ll be less tempted to break your dietary rules.

However, your dietary restriction does not mean you have to give up on your favourite food entirely. Instead, look for alternative solutions, such as blending tough fruits into a smoothie and softening your food by steaming or preparing them with a slow cooker.

4. Make full use of dental wax

It is common to experience minor pain and discomfort when you first have your braces installed. This pain is brought about by the braces’ brackets rubbing against the sides of your mouth. To prevent further irritation, make full use of the dental wax provided to you by your orthodontist. The wax can safeguard the soft tissues in your mouth by offering a temporary cover from the sharp surfaces of the braces. Over time, your soft tissues will toughen up as they get used to the braces, and you will no longer require the wax.


It takes a while to get used to having braces attached to your teeth. However, given sufficient time and the proper adjustments, having braces will feel like the new normal for you soon enough. If you find yourself struggling to adapt to your braces, you may wish to consult your orthodontist who can advise you on the various actions you can take to ease your discomfort.

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