Learn About The Meanings Of These Popular Funeral Flowers

In times of grieving, funeral flowers can have a deep impact on the bereaved and lets them know that your heart and thoughts are with them. When making funeral arrangements, it is common to include flower arrangements in the wake or funeral home to honour and offer respect to the deceased. They can bring a sense of peace and calmness to make the funeral service feel more solemn and heartfelt.

Whether you’re sending sympathy flowers to express your deepest condolences or choosing one to adorn the casket, there are various types of flowers to choose from. We share some of the popular flowers for funerals to help you narrow down your list.

1. Roses

In a funeral setting, a stunning display of roses symbolizes love and grief – one of the most popular picks for funeral flowers. They are available in a variety of color, size, and designs. This makes their popularity undisputed and the flower indispensable.

Red roses are also commonly seen in casket sprays, as they adorn or drape over the casket in great splendor. However, other colors such as white, yellow and blue, can be commonly used in bouquets and wreaths. They can be chosen to reflect the preference, wishes or personality of the deceased.

2. Orchids

If you are finding it hard to say the right words during times of great sorrow, orchids are another appropriate form of condolences. They are a traditional choice that can hold a deep meaning for those grieving over their loss. Different varieties such as dendrobium orchid can be suggested by florists, while white or pink orchids are more commonly chosen to express condolence as they symbolize sympathy.

3. Lilies

Another flower commonly associated with funeral services, lilies symbolizes the purity and innocence of the soul that has departed. There are different varieties of lilies but the stargazer lilies and Casablanca’s are more sought after to express purity and sympathy. These aromatic blossoms can be a heartfelt way to convey your feelings and sentiments, and send a meaningful message to the bereaved.

4. Tulips

Technically, tulips are of the same family as lilies. They are popular suggestions when making funeral arrangements since they are often used to bring hope and encouragement to someone who is grieving, giving a symbol of renewal and a fresh start. There are different colours to choose from – yellow represents cheerfulness, purple is royalty and white symbolizes forgiveness.

5. Carnations

Carnations are often used to create funeral wreaths and standing sprays. Similar to roses, each colour of carnations has its own meaning. The white represents innocence while the red displays affection. For Catholic and Christian funerals, it may be a good choice to use pink carnations as it is believed that the Virgin Mary created them with her tears.

When making a selection on funeral flowers, you should consider the meaning you are trying to convey. It also depends on the religion and beliefs of the deceased. For example, if it is a Buddhist funeral, chrysanthemums and lotuses are the best choice of flowers as they denote peace and freedom. Talk to your funeral director or florist for guidance on your preferred floral arrangement.

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