Learn About The Different Types Of Fire Extinguishers

A home fire extinguisher can definitely save your life in emergency situations. It can control a minor fire before the firefighting team comes. Place the home fire extinguisher Singapore near an exit so you can suppress the flames while escaping.

All domestic extinguishers are categorized A, B and C (or combine these categories), which is indicated on the label. It explains which types of fires you can use them for, such as flammable liquids, normal combustibles, or electrical. If you are wondering where to buy fire extinguisher Singapore, you can find them mostly at home stores. The ones classified as A:B:C can fight all types of fires.

Choosing the Right Size

  • 10-pound– It is best suited for a home workshop or garage, where a fire might grow larger before being seen. When buying it, look for the model, which is rechargeable with a hose.
  • 2-pound– It is best suited for your car. Choose a disposable model, which comes with mountable hardware to avoid rolling it around the trunk.
  • 5-pound– It is the best choice for a laundry room or kitchen. Choose a rechargeable model that comes with a hose.
  • Stovetop – You can mount the same on range hood above the stove. Also, do not use it over deep fryers as chemicals may release and spread flames and grease. Choose the one with magnetic and pressurized cans that can pop open from the flames’ heat and spray baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).


Keep in mind that a fire extinguisher can lose pressure with time. You can install a sensor named EN-Gauge, which monitors the pressure, by running on a 9-volt battery.

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