Korean Language Courses: How To Improve Your Stay In Korea

The South Korean government has also been concerned with keeping talented and promising foreign students in Korea, although some areas still have more places available than others. With that, we can get a basic idea, that Korea can provide courses and jobs to young people around the world.

Can I work in South Korea while studying?

If you intend to get a part-time job in South Korea during your studies, the good news is that this is allowed! As an international student with a relevant study visa, you are eligible to work in the country for up to 20 hours a week during classes and unlimited hours during holidays.

Do you need to know how to speak Korean to work in the country?

As has already been said, Korea has an alphabet known as Hangul, but English is widely spoken, especially in large cities, but it is recommended to take up Korean language course before traveling and during your stay.

How technology can help you

With current technology, you can be learning Korean directly from your home, or even anywhere if you use your smartphone. So if you are looking to learn Korean several online courses will enable you to learn even more about the language spoken in the country. You can find both paid courses with free courses, and they can offer you from basic training to even advanced speech techniques.

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