Knowing How To Distinguish Hallmark From KDM Gold

What are the Difference between Hallmark and KDM Gold?

If you are looking for pure gold bars, coins of jewelry, it is vital to ensure precious metals like gold with proper hallmark. In this guide, we are going to discuss the hallmarking of gold and difference between KDM gold and Hallmark gold. There are two ways of purification of gold –

∙         Chemical exposure

∙         Heating with high temperature

KDM Gold vs. Hallmark

Who doesn’t like pure gold? There are several doubts and queries related to pre gold. Most people are wondering what is Singapore 916 gold, and KDM mark vs. what is hallmark 916.

About KDM mark

KDM refers to the metal soldered with Cadmium. It has 0.321 degrees Celsius, i.e. low melting point. Cadmium has toxic fumes, which is not good for human skin. It has been banned in various countries. So, it is recommended to use ornaments soldered using other metals. 22-carat gold is known as 916 KDM (soldered with Cadmium) which is 91.6% pure and standard gold is 99.9% pure 24 carat.

About Hallmark Gold

Hallmark is known to protect the gold buyers in different countries. Singapore 916 gold hallmark is the symbol of purity. The hallmark usually consists of five important components –

∙         Fineness number (as per the caratage)

∙         BIS Mark

∙         Jeweller’s Mark

∙         Hallmarking and Assaying Centre Mark

∙         Year of marking with a code letter

Hallmarking is done by laser marking or punching machine. The main aim of hallmarking is protecting the customer from victimization of poor gold quality.

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