Is It Time For You To See A Dermatologist?

To be honest, there can be nothing more annoying than a breakout. On top of that, you have to deal with acne scarring. However, if you follow a scar-cleaning routine, you can effectively make them disappear within a week or two. Here, you just have to follow three simple steps to get rid of acne scars Singapore!

  1. Dermarolling

It is even known as micro-needling. This process is quite magical for dealing with various skin issues. Here, a derma roller constitutes of tiny needles that you have to roll on your skin. Thus, it causes little abrasions.

In this process, your skin responds to a rush of collagen and blood. It helps to repair the entire area and then, build new cells. It even plumps your skin and enhances the skin’s elasticity. Eventually, all wrinkles and scars diminish from the skin surface.

  1. Cell Regeneration Serum

Cell regeneration serum generates new skin cells. This serum is scientifically advanced as it comprises substances like mineral salts, vitamins, 21 amino acids, and other smart peptides, which are usually present in skin tissues.

This serum offers a perfect environment for your skin to regenerate naturally. Thus, it improves scars, fills up wrinkles, and plumps the skin.

  1. Red Light Therapy

It is the last step to get rid of acne scars. This red light therapy increases energy in the skin, which results in the formation of new collagen. The more the collagen, the fewer scars are there. Thus, this technology works wonders for wrinkles and scars.

If you are dealing with stubborn scars, you have to consult your dermatologist. After that, seek treatment for skin pigmentation Singapore to eliminate acne scarring.


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