How You Can Make That Yacht Date Night More Perfect

Dinner dates are a significant part of any relationship, whether a couple is just starting on their romantic journey or have been already married for years.

More often than not, these intimate engagements are held at the comforts of one’s home or high-end establishments. As such, a change of pace is much needed every once in a while.

Regardless if it’s your first date with someone special or you want to spice things up with your life-long partner, you can never go wrong with a dinner date out at sea! Away from the hustle and bustle of city life and with the glow of a million stars shining overhead, there’s no better setting to express your ardent passion to the one who has your heart.

With the private yacht cost in Singapore now being more affordable than ever, this option has become more available to couples looking to try something new. To help you prepare for this new date setting on the high seas, know these four things that must be prioritised to make everything perfect.

Prioritise the ambience

When you rent a yacht, most of the work of setting the right ambience is already taken care of. You only need to complement the oceanic view with your decor to make the entire atmosphere personal and perfect for your needs.

Thanks to complete privacy, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourselves to the fullest and revel in a quiet space that’s reserved only for both of you.

Order fresh flowers in advance

Flowers are timeless when it comes to romance, so why not surprise your beloved with a bouquet of her favourites right after she steps aboard the yacht?

The fragrance will not only captivate her from the moment she steps on board, but it’ll also linger throughout the entire trip, adding a magnificent touch to the entire venue.

As a tip, don’t make a last-minute purchase and place an order ahead of time to ensure it gets delivered early or on the same day of your voyage.

Cherry-pick the appropriate music

To make the date more magical, you need to tune into the right music to complete the entire mood.

First and foremost, bring in a mini speaker or if you have the budget – spruce up the yacht interiors with a sound system. Once you’ve done so, what’s next is to create a playlist of songs you and your partner like, and you’re all set!

If you’d like to do other activities with them before or after dinner, such as a gentle and intimate slow dance, then include songs that are appropriate for those activities as well.

Finalise the food

Last but not least is the occasion’s main event, the dinner itself. Whether you’d like to cook up everything yourself or have a professional chef make them for you, just keep in mind that it’s always best to stick to the dishes that you both like.

That is unless you and your partner are keen to explore other viands and delicacies. If so, go ahead and order catering with a good spread and diversity – prepare to tickle your taste buds with tasty delights!


Taking your dearest out on a dinner date out at sea is sure to impress them and add a lovely twist that can enhance your relationship. Just remember, as with any grand excursion – planning ahead of time is a must. And before you take care of the things we just covered, you must first secure the most important asset for your romantic excursion: a yacht.

Do the necessary research and contact the yacht charter company in Singapore that offers the vessel of your choosing. As of now, we are offering promotions since the beginning of Phase 3, wherein our luxury yachts can be rented at prices starting from $1,100 onwards. Have a word with us if you’re interested in getting a yacht.

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