How To Kick-Start A New Business The Right Way

Starting a new business is never simple. From finding the perfect rental rates, size to location – there’s plenty of things to keep in mind before making a decision.

Even when you have fulfilled all the above criteria with the ideal workspace, the next thing you have to deal with is space management. Aside from having everything look prim and proper, poor space management also has a huge impact on office productivity and budgeting.

While innovative solutions like a self storage are always available on hand, you still have a role to play. Below, we have put together four different hacks where you can allow maximum utilisation and functioning in your workspace.

Smart partitioning

There are plenty of temporary and foldable partitioning options available for offices. Foldable partitioning creates a separate room when needed, and they can be neatly folded back in a corner when the task is done. This is a great way to use the available space whenever needed. As such, you don’t have to find another room for certain tasks.

Smart partitioning is especially perfect if you’re tight on cash – there leaves no need for a costly workspace with separate rooms. To save even more, you should also go for a workspace within your budget. We have the cheapest self-storages in Singapore for both storage and workspace rental. They vary from 6 sqft to 730 sqft for storage units, while workspaces go from 88 sqft onwards. We also feature all-inclusive rates and other facilities like lighting, a powerpoint and air-conditioning when you rent our space. Our locations are spread across Singapore so there’s a suitable workspace to your convenience. The variety of locations available include Ang Mo Kio, Aljunied, Kallang, Bukit Merah, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Upper Thomson, Tampines and Pasir Panjang. Our Aljunied location is also having a rent-free promotion right now so you can save even more! Get in touch with us for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

Outsourcing tasks

If you think carefully about your whole workflow, you will find many tasks that can be outsourced. Such tasks usually take up excess space and resources of your office and need not be done on a regular basis.

Outsourcing these tasks will free up your workspace and make room for more important devices. This way, you will focus your time, resources, and energy only on the most vital tasks that require stringent control.

Decluttering and sorting

Segregating office supplies and equipment is a great way to make things orderly in the office. You should only strive to keep those equipment and appliances which are regularly used.

Otherwise, using a self-storage facility is also a great idea as temporary storage equipment that is only needed occasionally. You don’t have to move from place to place to get your equipment – it’s all available in one place! You get to save on transportation costs and still have access to stored equipment when needed as well.

Re-do the déco

Invest in decor that gives a warm and inviting feel, so that your employees love coming to that space. It has been proven that natural light is a great stimulator of work performance and productivity. Therefore, you should rearrange the furniture so as to allow ample sunlight to come in.

You should also put some potted plants at corners and small desk planters where possible. Including these natural elements tremendously enhance the ambience of your workspace. Last but not least, arrange the décor so that there is sufficient circulation. Nobody wants to work in suffocating, dingy places. Make your office fresh, cheerful and bright. For you to take charge of all the décor – you need a workspace which lets you do it anytime you wish to. They provides both storage space and workspace with 24-hours accessibility so you can spruce up your interior whenever you’d like.

As one of the cheapest self storages in Singapore, we offer a variety of workspaces for business use like e-commerce,  start-ups or businesses requiring both storage and fulfilment orders. They also come with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance so you can always check on your goods at all times. When you combine work and storage space together, the improved efficiency in goods procurement and logistic processes allow you to meet your customers’ needs much easily.

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