How Customised Enamel Pins Make Unique Corporate Gifts

The trend of collecting and wearing enamel pins in Singapore doesn’t seem to be slowing down! They have come a long way, from being worn by soldiers in battles to becoming quirky accessories that add a certain flair to your style or as a means of promoting brand identity.

Be it for your upcoming event or as an appreciation gift to your employees, here’s why enamel pins make unique corporate gifts!


Enamel pins are like wearable art that can feature any design, including unique illustrations, branded logos and anything else you can think of.

Since the pins are small, make sure to choose your design wisely while adhering to the dimensions of the pin. Instead of cramming a few elements, keep the design focused with your logo or any other illustration based on your marketing objective.

For example, if you’re giving it away at a book club event, then an illustrated book pin will do, and if you want, you can complement it with a pun that goes along the lines of “I’m fully booked!”.

Promotes brand visibility

Albeit tiny, these pins are like walking billboards for your e-commerce store, brand, or new product – especially if they’re eye-catching enough to strike a conversation!

Customised pins act as an extension of people’s personality, so it builds affiliation between the wearer and your brand. In a professional context, pins can also be worn as a way of indirectly promoting the brand name when company representatives deal with clients or the public.

Boosts morale

People appreciate being acknowledged for their hard work, and wearable pins are a great way to show that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

Rather than certificates, custom enamel pins are a subtle way of highlighting someone’s accomplishment! If you’re giving it to your employees, it could even motivate them to want to collect the pins in exchange for exemplary behaviour. Or, depending on your area of business, you could give it to regular customers as a thank-you gift!

Advertises your firm name

Advertise your brand indirectly by getting your employees and customers to wear your company’s pin. This practice is also done in most schools in Singapore, as part of the students’ uniform attire requirement.

So, when your employees wear the pin, it would boost awareness of your firm’s name and logo the more people see it. As an employee, wearing a pin would give them a sense of identity, because, at a glance, people can recognise which company they belong to.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

People are able to quickly associate specific images to organisations or social causes, such as the yellow ribbon. So, many companies usually put their own spin on these logos and sell them to raise money for charity organisations that need it.

You’ll be surprised at how many people will give in to their philanthropic side to add one more pin to their collection for a good cause. In turn, this reflects well on your company as it depicts your company’s involvement in bettering society.


Aside from being a stylish accessory, enamel pins carry many amazing perks that can benefit many! So if you haven’t already, it’s time to give it a go with us! If you need help regarding design or any advice on the types of pins to choose, our friendly staff will kindly assist you.

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