Home Talk: Choosing The Right Pest Control Company

Have a pest problem on hand? If you have already exhausted other methods for dealing with the pest issue in your home or office, the best course of action is to call up a pest control company.

Pest control companies are experienced in dealing with pests, and depending on their scope of services, they can help to eliminate pests such as cockroaches, termitesbed bugs, or rodents. With their expertise, you can expect an effective solution to your pest problem.

However, not all pest control companies are the same. Some may be more experienced in dealing with some pests than others, and their methods of pest control may differ as well. When looking for a pest control company, here are some things you should look out for:


Before calling up any pest control company, first check that they are certified by the National Environmental Agency (NEA). This license ensures that the company is qualified to use pesticide and repellant products safely and responsibly. In addition to company licenses, pest control officers should also each be certified as Vector Control Workers of Vector Control Technicians in order to perform pest control services.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to pest control. If any pest control officer tells you they have just the right treatment for you, without even conducting any inspections of the area, that’s a big red flag. Make sure the pest control company conducts inspection checks to ascertain the root of the pest problem before they carry out remediation works. This way, you can be more confident they know exactly how to solve the problem, rather than just dish out a generic solution.

Clear communication

Good pest control officers are not just good at pest control, but also good at speaking to their clients. People who call up pest control are usually worried and anxious, and will appreciate ways to understand the problem and the treatments about to be performed. Thus, a pest control officer who knows good customer service will take the time to explain the situation to their client, and let them know what to expect during the treatment.

Implement preventive measures

The work is not done after the pests are eliminated. The best pest control companies will also recommend and implement further preventive measures so that the pests don’t return immediately after the treatment is over. They should also educate home and business owners on ways to maintain their premises to prevent future re-infestations.


Pest control is an ongoing battle. Even preventive measures may wear off after some time, or pests may return after maintenance habits turn lax again. Responsible pest control companies usually conduct follow-up checks to assess the situation even after the treatment has been done. This provides you with a long-term assurance of having pest-free premises, rather than just a stopgap measure.

While some of these are things you might not be able to check prior to engaging the company, you can find out through reviews or friends and family who have had experience with pest control companies. Having the right pest control company to partner you in your pest-fighting journey is important in carrying out effective and long-lasting pest control efforts.

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