H2 Physics Concepts That Students Find Harder To Comprehend

The practice of science in Singapore like in any other place at school level involves Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, and all these subjects highlight the very ways students think and develop their inherent mindset and approach in the sphere of science. However, as students grow up and study H2 Physics in Singapore, the concepts become more complex and rigorous. Here are some of the concepts that students in Singapore feel are harder to grasp.

The Core Idea

This section is designed to help the students in Singapore to integrate their knowledge and connect all the concepts from various areas of the subject, thereby creating a common, holistic platform that facilitates better understanding. This area covers Newtonian Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Fundamentals of Thermal Physics, Magnetism and Electricity, Modern Physics. Though this entire concept is designed to allow a focused, in-depth discussion of the topics, students fail to grasp this holistic idea of discussing these chapters and then connecting them for a better understanding. With H2 physics tuition in Singapore, students can have a good foundation in the core topics, realising that the concepts are all interconnected.

Integrated Module

The Integrated Module is a consolidated curriculum which refers to the wide range of learning opportunities for the students. Experienced faculties design the module and select the content of the module. The idea behind this is to connect all the content with the core idea, to enhance the scope of students’ learning. A considerable number of students find it pretty hard to digest this module and face difficulty in applying their conceptual knowledge during an assessment.

Utilising real-world context, modules prepared by H2 physics tuition classes in Singapore will help illustrate concepts to students, as well as, teach them how to apply the information to exam questions. Experimental activities or IT tools selected by these tuition classes helps to simplify the concepts of Kinematics like Rectilinear Motions, In-liner Motions, etc. while making classes interactive and fun.

Other topics

Other topics of H2 Physics that Singaporean students find challenging are displacement, speed, acceleration and velocity. They also find it difficult to grasp graphical representations of distance, speed, displacement, acceleration and velocity, as well as, the displacement-time and velocity-time relationships. Other problematic issues include deriving equations related to velocity, acceleration and displacement using their definitions. Equations representing the uniformly accelerated motion in a straight line, the motion of objects that are falling in a uniform gravitational field in vacuum, or against air resistance, and other chapters leave students intimidated. However, with the physics tuition classes, students will improve in no time.

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