Funeral Pre-Planning: Help Your Loved Ones Grieve With Ease

The emotional strain that comes with arranging a funeral within hours of losing a loved one is challenging to bear. That’s why pre-planning your funeral arrangements relieves your loved ones from the pressures of decision-making at a time of grievance and emotional stress.

We owe our loved ones the gift of having peace of mind, knowing our wishes, having the funeral costs covered, and provide a dignified farewell. Pre-planning also affords you the time needed to make practical and detailed decisions that reflect your lifestyle, preferences and budget.

Let’s explore more on why it makes sense to plan for your funeral.

Ease the burden on your loved ones

It is not a surprise if people often second guess the wishes of the deceased when making funeral arrangements. If your wishes are unknown, your loved ones will be faced with difficult decision-making at a trying time when you pass away. Will they know if you wish to be cremated or buried? Will everyone agree on an open or closed casket?

Confusion and disagreements happen when there is no plan to follow or known preferences informed beforehand. Planning for your funeral can give your loved ones a peace of mind and they can follow your plans knowing these are your last wishes.

A meaningful farewell for your family

Give your family the benefit of a meaningful, dignified funeral. It is an important life event for the grieving family to provide a sense of closure and enable the family to begin their healing process. Families can benefit psychologically and emotionally by honouring the lives of their loved ones and giving them a proper send-off in a fitting funeral service. By avoiding the rush and pressure of planning in a short time, you can put together the best funeral for you and your family.

Relief from unexpected expenses

By planning ahead, you can make the necessary financial arrangements to cover your funeral costs. When discussing with a funeral director, you will also be advised on the total costs and be better prepared on setting the necessary funds aside, to be kept within the family and can be drawn upon immediately should the situation arise. You’ll also be helping your loved ones to avoid spending extra on anything you wouldn’t want on your funeral.

Your wishes are known, respected and executed

If you have specific preferences and wishes for your funeral services and the disposition of your remains, this can be clearly expressed in your funeral plan. You may want your favourite flower for the funeral décor or a particular Scripture reading in a Christian funeral, for example. Regardless of your wishes, set forth in your funeral and take away the guesswork from the planning for your family. They can ensure your wishes will be executed down to the last detail. Creating and planning for a personalized service helps to honour life the way you want.

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