Five Secrets To Choosing The Right Teen Clothes For Them

Adolescence can be a very difficult and sensitive time for a young person, with all the changes that their bodies go through and having to deal with added peer pressure on top of that. Dressing poorly can make it even worse.

If you have a teenage girl or boy that you need to shop for, then you should consider the following points.


If it’s a girl you’re shopping for, then you should consider the shape of her body. If she’s plump then getting tiny clothes for her will not flatter her figure and if she is thin, then oversized clothes will make them look funny. It is advisable to dress them in outfits that will bring out the best in them.


Most teenagers love colorful clothes, and you should consider that when buying clothes for them. It could be a trendy bright t-shirt from T shirt printing Singapore that they can mix and match with a pair of jeans or a mini skirt. If they like dull colors instead, then buying bright colors will be a waste of money because they won’t wear it if they feel like they are drawing too much attention to themselves.


Teenagers don’t want to be in clothes that will keep them from enjoying themselves.


Getting fitting clothes for them is essential. Buying oversized outfits and then having them adjusted can backfire terribly. This is because the whole shape of the cloth may be altered and have an entirely different look from its original. You don’t want your daughter or son to be made fun of at school or in functions simply because of the way they are dressed. The same goes if they put on clothes that don’t fit them well, their self-esteem can really be adversely affected if they have to keep pulling down tops and blouses in front of their schoolmates.

Personality and taste

Every teenager is unique, and that should also be reflected in the way they dress. There are some who are very sporty, who wouldn’t mind wearing a jogger daily. Some tend to be more sophisticated and want well-defined clothes that flatter them. If you have a teenager who loves wearing skirts, then buying a lot of jeans or pants for them will not make sense as they will not wear them.

Above all, listen to their needs and preferences. Remember that you are not the one to wear the clothes. Take them with you when you go shopping and let them try on the clothes first. Guide them so that they don’t get clothes that will expose their bodies indecently. They are just starting out in the world of shopping so teach them about how different patterns can work for them. You can also show them how to buy minimal but quality clothes that they can match with other outfits to achieve different looks. After purchasing the clothes, it is essential to teach them how to keep their clothes clean as well.

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