Express Your Love To Your Family With these Balloon Gifts

There’s something about balloons that can instantly uplift an entire event or a person’s mood. In fact, balloons are often associated with a happy moment, which explains its compelling effect on others. With its bright colours and unique designs, balloon decorations do wonders in enlightening the festive mood of any event.

But with the ongoing pandemic, birthdays and weddings just aren’t the same anymore, especially with limits placed on the number of attendees. As more people take to staying home in efforts to curb the spread, is there a way to turn their frown upside down without compromising anyone’s health?

Look no further for an answer, because that’s precisely why we’re here! Even from your home, here are some balloon gift ideas to surprise your loved ones.

1. Surprise gift box

Like how you top a gift off with a ribbon, the packaging of your gift is just as important. With that, why not consider a surprise gift box? A surprise gift box is the result of the harmonious mix of both form and function, because not only is it visually appealing, but it wraps your gift up nicely and can be reused for other purposes!

You can fill it up with motivational messages, snacks – or anything that’ll bring a smile to someone’s face. Or better yet, something that can be used to fill their time productively with, such as books, crafting materials and the like. With that, you’re giving the recipient the gift of an experience.

2. Message in a balloon

Have you ever picked up a note in a bottle? It’s no doubt mysterious and thrilling – all at once. With a balloon, you can mimic this movie-worthy experience in a livelier way! Begin by getting some high-quality balloons from a wholesale supplier or party shop in Singapore.

Before you inflate the balloon, tuck your secret message inside. Prepare a few and deliver it to your loved one’s doorsteps. And just like that, they’ll be embarking on an adventure to try and get the hidden messages out, either through popping the balloons or other means. Make sure you know the receiver well enough because you wouldn’t want to send this gift to someone afraid of balloons popping.

3. A bouquet of balloons

From foil to latex to bubble, there’s a wide range of balloons for you to choose from. And with a balloon bouquet, you have the option of mixing it up with various colours, shapes and textures. To prevent your bunch of helium balloons from floating away, you can weigh it down with any gift of your choice!

4. Balloon walkway

Suppose you’re celebrating any of your family member’s birthday or your parent’s wedding anniversary. In that case, we’re confident you’ll love this idea. Right in your humble abode, you can recreate the fun of walking down the red carpet – but with balloons.

Make a pathway with balloons acting as a guide to lead the person to your desired destination. At the end of the trail, prepare some gifts. All in all, this experience will make them feel special. It’ll also seem like you put much thought and effort into this idea, which you did!


No matter what the occasion is, there’s always time and space for balloons! On top of promoting an instant happiness boost, they also make for great photos. With the tips listed above, we hope it’s enough to inspire you. In the process of showing your love and affection to someone, you don’t have to break the bank while in pursuit of the perfect gift. After all, it is the thought that counts. Browse through our extensive range of balloons! As a one-stop shop, we also provide customised gifts for birthdays.

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