Exciting Catering Ideas Perfect For Your Corporate Event

There are many ways to make a corporate event memorable and noteworthy. Serving bland and common food isn’t one of them.

Remember, food is a very intimate and personal experience. Not serving attendees of the corporate event unique food is a wasted opportunity to network and impress. More importantly, it’s a failed chance to make the event stand out and be worth remembering.

Below, you’ll find unique catering menu ideas for your next corporate event.

1. Food Trucks

Who says that your guests need to be served all of the time? Sometimes, it’s fun to put in the servings yourself, and because everyone loves Mexican food, what better way to watch your guests be in awe of the food that’s available than to invite a food truck?

Perhaps the best part about taco trucks is that you can have different types of food available for all sorts of preferences.

2. Barbeque

Corporate events can be too formal sometimes. Though that’s probably understandable, it doesn’t always have to be the case.

Corporate BBQ catering in Singaporecan help inject some fun and casualness into these events.

So long as the venue allows for it (and the guests are okay with the idea), barbeques can create for what will likely be a very unique shared experience among the event’s many guests. Not to mention, there’s the visual appeal as well. If the barbeque is being roasted or cooked on-site, it’s not very often that people get to see a pig being roasted on a pit right in front of them.

3. Snow Cones

Nothing says Instagram-worthy more than rainbow-coloured snow cones, and because they are universally appealing, expect all of your guests to like them.

If you want your event to blow up quickly and make rounds on social media, snow cones are a good idea.
All you need to do is sit back and watch as your guests’ eyes light up at the sight of snow cones at the venue.

4. Seafood Bar

For a healthier option, albeit a pricey one, you can serve up a variety of seafood, including shellfish, prawns, and more, for your guests, with a seafood bar. Have a wide selection of seafood items for them to choose from, and let them indulge in the freshness of delicious calamari or lobster.

5. Giant Paella

Have you ever seen a chef whip up a huge paella right in front of you? No? Then, now’s your chance.

There are plenty of event catering services these days that specialise in the traditional Spanish cuisine. You can avail of their services to have a chef create the mouthwatering dish in front of the whole crowd as they wait in anticipation to dig in and have their stomachs fed.

Another added benefit of the giant paella is that it can be served multiple ways using a variety of ingredients, from seafood to meat only to vegetables only, and a mix of all of them.

Food can make or break an attendee’s experience. Make the next corporate event the talk of the company with these fresh and exciting catering ideas.

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