Essential Aircon Servicing Processes You Need To Consider

As much as homeowners might think that their air conditioners are working perfectly, there is still a need for regular maintenance. Regular aircon maintenance services help to reduce operational costs and ensures your system works effectively.

If this is your first time servicing your aircon, you might think that the process is complicated and takes up a lot of time. However, aircon servicing is rather simple and straightforward. You won’t be needed to do complex services such as an aircon chemical overhaul. You can even do most of the procedures alone, with some requiring expert intervention for advanced cleaning. Regular maintenance is mandatory and it would be best if you want a properly functioning unit. Take advantage of some of the best aircon servicing deals in Singapore to save money and get your device working correctly.

To get you started, here are some aircon processing services that you should know about.

Cleaning the condenser fan and oiling the fan motor

The condenser fan tends to gather up dust, impeding the functions of the entire air conditioning unit. Cleaning the fan with a sturdy brush will ensure that the dust comes off right.

In addition, you will need to oil the motor as well. A professional in aircon servicing will remove the cover grill first, followed by the fan to gain access to the motor parts. He or she will oil these parts to ensure that movement is smooth and easy for the air conditioner. The oil used in the lubrication process should be recommended by the aircon manufacturer.

Recycling the refrigerant

This process will require a professional due to the sensitivity of leaking unnecessary gases to the atmosphere. Depending on its condition, you can either replace or recycle the refrigerant.

Cleaning the condenser coils and fins

This process takes place using a garden hose or any other potential source of water. The coil guard needs to be out of the unit before carrying on with the spraying process. This helps to prevent and hamper the accumulation of debris in the device.

In case the fin is bent, you will need to make them straight again using the fin comb. A professional will help you with this procedure and ensure that he or she cleans the fins using the fin comb too.

Servicing and replacing the filter

The filter is an integral part of the air conditioning unit. In some cases, the filter is serviced and cleaned before being placed back into the system. On the other hand, you may need to replace this essential part if it is beyond repair.

The professional will tell you if the filter needs replacing or minor servicing. A dirty filter is harmful to your device and can lead to several abnormalities if used continually. It can block the flow of air inside the system and prevent you from getting maximum benefits from your unit. It can equally strain your system, thus, leading to higher electricity bills.

Non-abrasive soap is recommended when cleaning the filter. You can do this procedure on your own, as you might need to repeat it at least every two weeks. This will elongate the lifespan of your air filter even further. Remember to let it dry completely before mounting it back into the air conditioner.

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