Cystic Acne: Definition, Causes & Different Treatment Types

Cystic acne is an extreme form of acne which blocks the pores in the body, causing irritation and inflammation. This skin condition affects the face mostly, but also the upper trunk and upper arms are often affected. Cystic acne is relatively uncommon and more extreme, while acne is very common. Hormonal changes in puberty are the main factors causing cystic acne, but it can also occur in older people. It is not caused by a lack of hygiene, smoking, due to sweets, nuts and greasy foods. It can be unpleasant due to its effects on the facial appearance, as well as psychologically distressing.

The National Skin Center offers cystic acne treatment for the public through its dermatological center in Singapore. They added their list of subspecialty clinics to the Acne Clinic in 2009. For specialized help, patients seen by the general clinic who need further treatment can come here. If you get an appointment, the good thing is that if you’re a Singaporean or PR, insurance will be subsidized. Nonetheless, the procedure is quite basic and only requires drugs to hold the acne in place.

Apart from oral medications, there are a number of different cystic acne treatments that are being performed in Singapore, while the prescription of each is made depending on the severity of your acne. This includes:

  • Non-invasive treatments (facials)
  • Acne Laser Program
  • Other high tech treatments include certain face therapies mentioned below:
  • Crystal Clear Face therapy
  • Luminous Glow Face therapy
  • Omega Light Purifying Face therapy
  • Radiance Peel Face therapy
  • Viva Smooth

Apart from various procedures and medication a lot of water and healthy diet can also prevent acne.

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