Corporate Gifting – The Best Times & Occasions To Do So

Corporate gifting is a culture that can build lasting relationships with company clients and employees. Giving gifts to clients can strengthen business relationships by giving clients a good impression of your company. Gifts for employees make them feel valued, and motivates them to work harder for the company.

However, you may be wondering when are the best times to give out these gifts. Presenting gifts at the right times can send the right message to your recipient and make the gift more meaningful. If you want to take the chance to give out some corporate gifts, here are the top occasions you should do so:

1. Welcome Gift

When meeting a new business client, you can present them with a small gift to establish the relationship. This leaves them something that will remind them of your company, and gives them a good impression of your organisation. Same goes for a consumer client – you can present them with a small token of appreciation like a freebie with your company logo on the first purchase.

2. Staff Promotion Gift

Having an employee being promoted is an occasion to celebrate, and the company can show their appreciation with a little gift. This shows affirmation and acknowledgement to the work of the employee, and motivates them even further. Some gifts suitable for this occasion are a congratulatory card and some flowers, or a medal with the employee’s name etched on it.

3. Client Company’s Anniversary

Just as people celebrate birthdays, a business partner’s anniversary is something worth commemorating. Sending out a gift for this occasion is a gesture that shows you value your business relationship. The extra effort put in to remember this date will make your recipient pleasantly surprised and grateful.

4. Festive occasions

Festive occasions like New Year and Christmas make great reasons to dish out the gifts. As everyone is already giving gifts at this time, your company should follow suit in order not to lose out. In fact, your corporate gift needs to be brilliant in order to stand out from the rest. Especially for your customers and clients, you should take this occasion as a reason to commemorate the working relationship.

5. Celebrating Employees

Your employees should be celebrated for their hard work throughout the years. The company might have a staff welfare day or staff appreciation day on which you can show your appreciation to your employees. If not, it is time to set a date to do so. You may use gifts as rewards for outstanding employees, or to reward the whole office for their ongoing dedication to the company.

6. Retirement Gift

On top of celebrating your regular employees, you need to celebrate when an employee is about to retire. Although they are leaving the company, you should show your appreciation for the tireless diligence that they have shown in the company for so many years. A personalised gift will be suitable for this occasion to show the company’s intent to celebrate the individual.

7. Congratulatory gift

In the corporate world, there are numerous awards that companies can earn to cement their reputation as a leading force in the industry. When a business partner achieves the remarkable achievement of an award, it is an excellent time to send out a congratulatory gift to share in their joy. This sends the message that you support your clients in their pursuits, and that you care about how they are faring in the industry.

There are many occasions that are suitable for giving out gifts. Equally or more important than the occasion are the quality and sincerity of the gift. Most corporate gifts in Singapore can be obtained from dedicated product suppliers who curate quality and budget-friendly gifts. Use this to your advantage to select the best gifts for your recipients, and build lasting relationships with your clients and employees.

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