Basic Guitar 101: Proper Positioning Of The Instrument

Holding the guitar the wrong way will cause discomfort in your wrist specifically, which would shorten your playing time and get you quickly discouraged. For this reason, you have to learn how to properly hold the guitar so that your practice and playing sessions acn be as smooth and pleasurable as possible.

In this session of the best guitar lesson to learning his to play your favourite Singapore songs, you will learn how to properly hold the guitar.

Choose a chair that is perfect and by perfect, I mean a chair that when you sit on, makes your thighs slightly angled upwards. Place a small stool underneath the leg where the body of the guitar rests. Whatever you do, just make sure the guitar is high enough and allows you to reach the frets easily. It’s really tiring when you have to hunch your back or put your guitar foot on tiptoe the entire time while playing.

Right-handed players should put the guitar on the left knee while classical players should put it on the right knee. Though it’s tempting to tilt the guitar to see the frets, don’t!!! Keep the guitar straight no matter what.

For the fretting hand, make a claw. This means put the left thumb halfway between the bottom it the guitars’ neck and the top of the neck. Don’t wrap your thumb around the neck like you hold a hammer; let it be halfway round the neck at all times.

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