All You Need To Know About 2D And 3D Animation Styles

You can see the object in two dimensional. 2D animation has different characters. You can see the horizontal or vertical dimension in 2D animation.

You can create the 2D Animation by drawing. If you are an expert in drawing then you can create the best 2D animations. There is a use of a specific frame with each move. It is the best way to show the two-dimensional objects.

2D animation is cheaper than 3D animation. There is the use of different frames in 2D animation. You can see the uses of 2D in different films, cartoon shows and websites. Further in this advertisement uses the 2D animation in Singapore.

3D animation is all about the object where you can see the three dimensions of any object. You can see the height of any object, width as well as depth of any object in 3D animation. In 3D animation, you can perform any activities in computer software. It is a very complex process to understand as you have to understand the modeling of any object.

The difference between 2D animation and 3D animation is the use of frames and movement respectively. 3D animation needs some software to implement.

If you are living in Singapore then you have to understand the knowledge of all these software. There is a wide use of 3D animation in Singapore as you can see its application in different gaming, biotechnology, and movies.  Motion Graphics are also widely used in the animation industry. However, both 2D and 3D animation has great importance in social medial marketing. All companies in Singapore use the 2D and 3D animations for advertisements.

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