6 Design Tips That Boost Office Productivity

Office design influences our ability to cope with stress, maintain focus and foster creativity and teamwork. If you are looking to rent an office for your company or want to redesign it to give a new boost to productivity, keep in mind the following tips when creating a work environment that inspires your employees to give their best.

  • Comfort zone

The existence of resting areas in the offices, with a design and decoration totally different from the work area, will allow employees to rest their eyes and mind and make a real break that meets the goal of renewing energy.

  • Aesthetics

Opting for trendy furniture and design decoration is a smart investment. Not only do they offer you a longer useful life, but they will transmit to your employees and clients concepts such as innovation, solidity, harmony, quality and, of course, impact on aesthetics. This is why you can also work add a leather sofa or a shelf to enhance the theme of your room.

  • Let nature enter the office

The views of natural landscapes such as green spaces and water have a positive effect on health. However, if the windows of your office offer an urban landscape, try to get as much natural light as possible. It will enhance employees’ productivity.

  • Office as a second home

Keep in mind that your office is the place where you will spend eight hours a day at least five days a week, so the most logically it resembles a second home where everyone feels comfortable. Decorate your space with objects that you like, photographs, a blackboard where you can remember your homework, various motivational phrases that fill your spirit, plants or flowers that clean the air and refresh the environment.

  • Take care of the lighting and climate

Space with enough natural light supposes several advantages such as the saving of electrical energy and contributes to the worker not feeling isolated. Thermal well-being greatly influences satisfaction with the work environment. According to several studies, the improvement of air quality in interior spaces can translate into increases in productivity of between 8% and 11%. Therefore, do not hesitate to turn on the air conditioning or bring a fan to your space when your body and heat demand it.

  • Take care of noise and acoustics

If outside sounds are heard at your place of work or many people converge, it may be time to change locations if you want to increase your productivity. According to research noise affects the health of workers, reducing concentration, increasing stress and even affecting blood pressure and the nervous system.

  • Conclusion

In most cases, it is not necessary to make major changes in office work environments to increase productivity. Simple actions such as adding natural decorative elements, redefining the function of each area or optimizing the lighting of your office have immediate positive effects.

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