5 Restaurant Equipment Which Is Necessary To Have

From cooking equipment to utensils, there is plenty of equipment when it comes to prepping your restaurant. Amongst the non-exhaustive list, we’ve picked out five easily overlooked yet essential supplies that all eateries should be equipped with.


A restaurant can never have enough space. Hence, we recommend including more shelving, to avoid the campiness of the kitchen. From ingredients to crockery, there will always be a need for storage space.

Carts and Dollies

Perfect for moving bulky equipment around, carts are a must-have for all kitchens. These will come in especially handy on stock-taking days.

Restroom Supplies

An area that is often overlooked, do remember to stock up on restroom supplies, especially during lunch and dinner hours. Must-include essentials for restroom supplies include toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap.

While they may be important, emergency supplies are unfortunately usually not at the top of the priority list. From first aid kits to medicine cabinets to fire extinguishers, it’s recommended to keep these emergency supplies on hand.

Waste Storage Solutions

Especially for eateries, a proper waste storage solution is important for maintaining the hygiene level of the establishments. Whether it’s a disposal bin or plastic bags, do be sure to keep these supplies well stocked. You may also opt for different recycling bins and encourage your patrons to go green.

Emergency Supplies

By paying attention to these commonly-overlooked items, you’ll get to not only save on costs, but also increase the efficiency of the restaurant. For recommendations on the supplies that best suit your establishment, don’t be afraid to consult restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore.

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