5 Popular Valentine’s Flowers To Gift To Your Special One

Are you a die-hard romantic who’s planning to gift your loved one a 99-rose bouquet this Valentine’s Day? Seen as the ultimate gift for this season of love, roses are long recognised as the quintessential symbol of love and romance.

However, your Valentine’s gift need not always gravitate towards roses. There are plenty of other flower choices out there that are also beautiful and meaningful. If you are thinking of changing things up this year, why not check out these list of the most popular Valentine’s flowers? No harm mixing and matching them as well, for a more unique bouquet for that special one in your life!

1. Rose

This still deserves a mention for taking the crown as the number 1 Valentine’s Day flower! Its reputation as a symbol of love is ascribed to its association with the Goddess of love in Greek mythology, Aphrodite. However, do be careful when selecting the colour and number of roses you give, as they have different meanings!

Deep red hues are the most traditional roses to give as they symbolise passionate love, longing, and desire. Pink roses symbolise gratitude and admiration; Purple roses represent enchantment; and white roses signify innocence and purity. Yellow roses express friendship and joy – which some may take to mean an act of ‘friend-zoning’!

2. Tulips

The iconic petal silhouette of tulips is well-loved, as is its significance as a symbol of perfect love. The flower’s ties to love hark back to a Turkish legend, which features a prince who was devastated upon discovering the death of his beloved. Thus, the prince took his own life – and from every drop of blood he shed, out sprung a red tulip, symbolising his unwavering love.

Other colours of the tulips have their meanings, as well. Pink tulips represent affection; orange tulips mean enthusiasm and energy; white tulips are a symbol of forgiveness and purity.

3. Lilies

Lilies are an elegant flower that traditionally signified purity and virtue. According to some flower guides, lilies are also the 30th anniversary flowers, while lilies of the valley are 2nd anniversary flowers. So, if you are celebrating any of these anniversaries with your significant other, you know what flowers to get!

Apart from symbolisation, lilies are beautiful flowers in their own right, making them suitable for fresh flower arrangements for that floral-lover in your life. They come in a variety of brilliant colours, and emit a gentle scent that is sweet and calming.

4. Sunflowers

Although somewhat an unconventional choice, sunflowers are gaining popularity as a Valentine’s Day flower as well! The bright yellow shade is perfect for brightening up someone’s day, which is exactly what you would want to do on a lovely V-day.

Symbolising the sun, sunflowers are all about warmth and happiness. Giving a sunflower bouquet to someone will be an amazing way to tell them how they are like the sun of your life, giving you bright and sunny days.

As you can see, roses are not the only type of flowers that you can give away this Valentine’s Day. Inject some fresh ideas into your V-day bouquet this year with some alternative flower choices! Flowers are also perfect paired with other meaningful gifts – so, why not check out some aromatic soy candles in Singapore, or go personal with a handmade gift? Whichever flowers and gifts you go for – remember, a gift from the heart is the most meaningful and treasured!

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