4 Key Methods To Preventing Drywood Termite Infestation

Preventive termite control at home is an approach that isn’t merely restricted to using products or methods. It concerns making use of various different methods to prevent pest infestations, which can be great prevention methods if done well.

Termite Prevention Methods

Preventive control for termites involves making use of physical deterrents, eliminating termite’s food, blocking entry channels, as well as getting rid of problems which are suitable for termite infestations.

The most critical element with regards to termite control in Singapore is knowing that subterranean termites need moisture to survive.

Understanding this small tidbit of fact is halfway of fighting subterranean termites. However, there are also termites that can survive with little moisture. You can find a variety of termites, for instance, dry-wood termite that survives in minimal dampness; and they are quite common in many areas.

Therefore, given that dampness is not a necessity for dry wood termites, this could tell you that the best drywood Termite Control would be to:

Remove Wood Materials

If you have noticed that the infestations could be due to plenty of wood materials in your home, it’s wise to remove them or replace them with non-wood materials such as steel or plastic.

Don’t Use Wood Flooring

If you wish to make use of attractive flooring, think about lava-rock, granite, gravel or even beautiful marble as well as other forms of stone chips. They may be more costly; however, they last longer compared to wood flooring, while also being a non-food product for termites.

Make Use of Treated Timber

Make use of treated timber in the making of decks, porches, fences, and so on. The treated timber has been proven to not attract termites as much as non-treated variants of timber.

Establish home Garden

Do not establish home gardens directly beside the house as it could foster dampness, which can lead to the presence of termites when they are attracted to the moisture.

There are many pest control companies that can provide you with the advice and approaches for property owners, that doesn’t need money or the use of toxic substances. Additionally, among the essential things to know is, a building should have the right number of air vents to prevent wetness and stimulate airflow in the building. It may not just assist in stopping termites, but will as well aid to manage mould, fungus, and fungi as well as wood-rot also.

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