4 Key Factors to Ponder in Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

As an employer, maintaining the cleanliness of your office should be a priority. Apart from keeping your staff healthy, having a spotless work environment will also have a positive effect on the image of your business. After all, you wouldn’t want your clients visiting a filthy, dusty office.

Hiring professional office cleaning services is a vital part of upholding your office’s cleanliness. But with the plethora of office cleaning companies in the market today, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your office.

Fret not, we share 4 key factors you should consider to help you select the right office cleaning company in Singapore.

1. Services offered

Before sourcing for commercial cleaning services, be sure to assess your needs and decide on what services you will require. Every company will have its own specific needs, from window cleaning to floor and carpet maintenance, depending on their office space. Different cleaning companies specialise in different areas that cater to those requirements. Some companies may focus on janitorial services, while others may focus on maintaining the building’s external façade.

Several companies provide multiple services so you can fulfil all your office cleanliness needs at once. Assessing your needs will help to streamline your selection process by eliminating companies that don’t cater to your needs.

2. Reviews and testimonials

You will also have to ensure that they’re a reputable company so you can expect quality service to be delivered. Before engaging any office cleaning company, read the reviews and testimonials from their past and current clients. This will give you a sense of their quality of services and how trusted and well established they are.

Having an idea of their clientele and the feedback they’ve received will help you decide if you can trust them to fulfil your requirements.

3. Their team of staff

Trusting an office cleaning company is a start to protecting your property but ensuring the quality of their services requires you to take a closer look at the persons responsible for carrying out the work. For example, you can enquire if their cleaning staff holds relevant certifications in their field of work and whether they are trained in specific cleaning techniques that enable them to achieve the best results.

4. Experience

Last but not least, check if the company has years of experience under their belt – especially in your industry. For instance, if your office houses various technological equipment and machines, the cleaning company should be well-versed in the cleaning process whereby they won’t affect the set-up of your workspace. Moreover, an experienced cleaning company should be more confident and capable in handling any cleaning challenges that may arise.


While all employees should play their part in cultivating healthy habits to keep the office clean, it is still crucial to enlist the help of a professional office cleaning company where they can introduce proper cleaning techniques to improve the cleanliness of the environment.

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