4 Easy Steps for Your Child to Excel in the Academic Field

One of the hardest parts of raising a child is when they are at their schooling age. As parents, we wish them to excel at their school academically, and in order for them to focus on their studies, we might do some things to avoid them from distractions.

Added the fact, if they are studying in an international school in Singapore things can get tough as you want every penny to be truly worth it because tuition fees are not that cheap there.

Putting actions sometimes lead to pros and cons, to be able to know what kind of action are we going to use here are some techniques;

  1. Saying positive comments – to become a passive learner we should practice our child on how to set positive thoughts all the time. Commenting praises on whatever they achieve or do, can boost their self-esteem so that they can put aside their shyness and give them the courage to do their best.
  2. Planning a good study habit – in order for your child to grasp their lessons in advance, we should train them to make a time plan for their studies because doing things abruptly can cause chaos. If they have their organizer they minimize the time to do their assignment and some advance studies to the lessons that they find hard.
  3. Giving incentives – buying them things as a prize in will do a little to make them motivated in their studies.
  4. Playing mind games – since our children love to play we can use it as a tool to help them in their lessons, there are lots of games today that connected in lessons at school like history, math, enhancing vocabulary, grammar and many more. They will surely enjoy the learning process.

We don’t need to put any kind of pressure on our children’s shoulder in order for them to excel academically. By using these techniques can surely do for any types of learner, and be sure as a parent we will always there to support them.


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