3 Ways To Make Sure Your Child Is Not Absent From School

Being absent in school can affect your child a lot academically, socially, and behaviorally that is why it is a must to keep them present at school as possible. However, there are instances wherein it is needed to be absent for some serious reasons such as illness or a very important occasion.

But if it became a habit this can be a serious problem if taken for granted that is why it is very important to take action on it while it is still on its early stage. Especially if your child is studying in an international school in Singapore where competition and standards are really high an immediate action is required.

Here are the following techniques that you can do to avoid absenteeism:

  • Implant on your child’s mindset that going to school is important – proper parenting is very important in guiding a child to the right path. It is very important if you want to improve your child’s attendance in school.

What you can do is to talk to them and give them some wisdom that going to school is very important for their future.

  • Feed them with nutritious foods – it is crucial to have good health if you want your children to avoid certain illnesses. Simply because 80 percent of the reason why children are absent in school is because they are sick. By preventing illnesses you can assure that your child’s attendance in school will greatly improve.
  • Discipline them when needed – there are certain situations wherein your child will make all sorts of excuses in order for them to escape school. This is the perfect time for you to show your authority and to discipline your children no matter what excuses they give never give in to them.

By keeping these you are doing a lot of good things to your child as it will improve their personality and discipline.

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