3 Types Of Balloons To Choose For The Next Special Occasion

Everyone loves balloons. Whatever the event, weddings, graduations or birthdays, balloon decorations are a great way to liven up the atmosphere.

With how popular balloons are getting, there are numerous types of balloons in the market today that differ in material and shape. So what makes the different kinds of balloons special, and why choose one over the other?

Here are some of the different types of balloons we provide and why you might want to choose them:

Latex balloons

If you’re looking for a bunch of balloons with that classic round shape to brighten up the room, latex balloons are the choice for you. They also come in a variety of colours and patterns. You can pick anything from cool and calming pastel to vibrant red and pink. You can also choose beautiful, unique patterns like pink swirls in the marble set or stunning shimmering chrome.

Since latex can be transparent, you can even get confetti and glitter balloons that sparkle and contrast wonderfully against the solid-coloured balloons.

Latex balloons are also the most versatile option. In our store, they come in a range of sizes from 12” – 36” (about 30cm – 90cm) to fit every occasion. If you get the deflated pack, you can even use them for other unique purposes like arts and crafts.

Best of all, they are biodegradable, so environmentally-conscious party planners can use them with a peace of mind!

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are more durable and longer-lasting than latex balloons, so they’re great balloon decorations for longer events. But the best thing about them is that they come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. It has become quite popular to get foil balloons in the shape of letters and numbers. It’s a must-have for any birthday and makes for great photo-ops.

The unique metallic shine of gold and silver is, of course, very trendy among the young crowd, but there are numerous other options to fit your colour preferences, including pink, purple, blue or black.

If you want some 3D diverse shapes to add flair, don’t fret, foil has got you covered. Foil balloons come in spherical, cube, heart and star shapes. They’ll cost a bit more than their latex cousins, but if you want some next-level decorations, it’s well worth the price.

Bubble balloons

If you’re looking for a luxurious and spectacular option to brighten up someone’s special day, this is definitely the choice for you. The most modern of the balloons, bubble balloons are made of a special kind of stretchable plastic and are perfectly round with no creases. This makes them a pleasure to look at from every angle.

They’re also huge, coming in sizes 24” and 36” (about 60cm and 90cm) from our store. As such, some special options have smaller latex balloons inside the bubble balloon, just for that added pizzaz.

As if that wasn’t great enough, they can also be customised. You can put any message you want, and our creative team will make a personalised, specially designed balloon just for you! Not enough for you? You can even place it in a surprise box decked out with lights and decorations of your choice, also fully customised. Customised gifts for birthdays never looked cooler.

No matter the occasion, there will always be the perfect balloon to decorate your event. Though they each have their strengths, you can easily use them together for a diverse and hip aesthetic. One thing is for sure, balloons are timeless and will never go out of style!

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